Scott’s time on stage begins as a party. In one moment, students are laughing hysterically, moving actively on their feet, and shouting at the top of their lungs.

Yet only minutes later, that same room is silent; students find themselves hanging on to every word of Scott’s heartfelt and challenging message. It is at this point that the students in attendance realize they are no longer watching a presentation to an audience of hundreds or even thousands—they are hearing their own personal call to action.

Most Popular Types of Events Include

  • Student Leadership Conferences
  • High School Assemblies
  • Middle School Assemblies
  • Teen Summit Programs
  • Back-to-School Orientations
  • Student Leader Trainings and Retreats

Below are some of Scott’s most popular presentations (though by no means all of them). Feel free to press the CONTACT button above and email Scott with any specific questions.

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Keynote / Assembly

Be a Catalyst

Scott understands that students have a HUGE impact on those around them—from their casual acquaintances at school to the close friends they see virtually 24/7. Each and every student has the power to influence their world in some way, shape, or form. Before changing anything, though, each student must undoubtedly recognize that the world in which they live is not perfect by any means. It takes passion and determination to make it a better place.

Regardless of the situation, capacity, or context, the only way students will truly change their circumstances is if they decide to be a catalyst—someone who changes the status quo.

Some of the Major Points Covered in this Presentation Include:

  1. Understanding the influence you have over those around you and using that influence to create positive things.
  2. Identifying the areas of your world that need action/help.
  3. Being the person who not only stands for the right thing, but that also stands against the wrong thing.
  4. Having an attitude of action rather than apathy.

Additional Popular Assembly/Conference Keynote * Topics Include

  • Campus Respect
  • School Spirit
  • Freshman Orientations
  • Decision Making
  • Senior Institute (Standardized Testing) Days

Student Workshops


Want more students to participate in assemblies, spirit days, and the overall culture of your school? Tired of doing the same events year after year because “we’ve always done them?”

We are too.

ENVOLVE Trainings are designed to help your activities program create incredible school culture.

Looking for information on planning on ENVOLVE Training for your students? Visit www.EnvolveSchools.com for more information!

Run activities, RAISE awareness

Student leadership groups and clubs raise money for the same projects every year: school dances, class gifts, yearbook production, etc. As time progresses though, even the best fundraising programs can feel dull and uninspired for everyone involved.  Though becoming innovative as a group, campus organizations can raise money not only for their own needs, but for causes that entire school populations can rally behind (yes, we said EVERYONE in your school). In this new and exciting workshop, Scott will walk your students through the process of creating waves of campus, community, and even global change–all by starting with those around them. Fantastic for student government classes beginning a new school year or semester.

_Fantastic for student government classes beginning a new school year or semester.


Students connect EVERYWHERE— whether it’s cell phones at school, tablets on the car ride home, or a laptop in their own room, students have the ability to connect with anyone at any time.

With this amount of connectivity requires a great deal of awareness on the part of both students and parents alike. In this workshop, Scott will go over a wide range of social media mediums in order to do one thing— help you and your students become better protected from their online world.

Excellent for parent groups, campus leaders, and school faculty.

Secret Support

This session has one goal—to help make your world better.

In this participation-based workshop, students will learn about the various challenges that others constantly face around them. From issues of self-worth and self-image to feelings of insecurity and loneliness, students must first realize that they are not alone in the struggles they face. While many workshops give students the tools and resources to be active leaders on their campuses, very few force them to act immediately By the workshop’s end, students will find themselves actively engaging with others to help, taking part in an act of service that you must see to believe!

FANTASTIC for leadership conference follow-ups!

Planning With Purpose

Leadership and ASB classes are well-seasoned in the art of planning student rallies/assemblies. In time though, the student body of any school can become disengaged and uninterested in most scheduled events. In this productive workshop, Scott will break down the activity-planning process with your leadership students to uncover the true meaning of school spirit. By the end of this workshop, your leaders will be well-equipped to plan activities that your entire school or organization will rave about for weeks on end.


Unfortunately, leadership for many of today’s students entails titles such as “ASB ________, Senior class ________, or Student _________.” Instead of viewing the special leadership abilities we possess, we begin to mold ourselves to a standard that we feel is “normal.” By looking at the specific things that make us truly different and unique, we can create a greater form of leadership for ourselves than anyone could provide for us. In this workshop, your students will find themselves actively expressing and sharing their leadership talents with each other. By the end of this presentation, your leaders will be confident in their own abilities to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in leadership activities, regardless of the situation.

Great for student leadership classes/groups.

Busy V Productive-- Time Management for Students

Let’s be honest—if we had more than 24 hours in a day, we still would be asking for more in order to get everything done. Whether we are student leaders or student athletes, teachers or teens, we all wish we had more time on our hands and less to-do’s on our plates. In order to be truly effective, whether in the classroom or simply in life, we must first begin to differentiate between being busy and being productive. In this workshop, Scott will go over a series of tips, tools, strategies, and even daily routines that can help you to spend your time working more efficiently, creating even more time to make a difference and simply enjoy yourself.

Communication Domination

The current teen generation is one filled with constant text messaging, Twitter status updates, and Facebook wall posts. In the midst of this social networking explosion, the art of public speaking is one that seems lost. The fact of the matter is that we will all be faced with situations in our lives that call for us to step to the microphone. For teens, it’s not what to say that scares them, but how to say it effectively. In this interactive workshop, Scott will teach students to not only speak to an audience effectively, but to be confident in their own public speaking abilities!

Scott at YADAPPScott NASCScott at Key ClubScott Interacting at TOTMScott at TOTMScott at Cathedral HSScott at HOBYScott at CathedralSADD NationalHOBY Resized

“Definitely one of the most popular speakers we’ve had over the years with the students! We would love for him to join us again in the future!”

Lona Kwan, California FBLA Read more reviews »

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