Formspring Fun

If you’ve recently been on my website, Facebook fan page, or have just listened to the new CADA leadership podcast (which can be found on iTunes), you know that I’ve had a massive cyber crush on Formspring as of late. Seeing as I’ve been busy on the road this month speaking at schools and conferences, I’ve had a lot of layover breaks at airports to sit down and answer a lot of your questions about leadership, school, and life in general. You’ve taken the time to think of quality questions, so I’ve set some time aside to answer.

Overall, the response has been GREAT! We’ve covered topics like as how to approach a guy or girl, how to be a standout leader while still having an awesome social life, and how to deal with defeat.  At the same time, there has been some epic back and forth on everything from my favorite Sesame Street character (Elmo, of course) to the pros and cons of almighty Justin Beiber (I’m anti hair flip). Regardless of how serious or goofy the questions, I hope that you have been able to get some great information from my online resources. Furthermore, I hope that you will continue to utilize the site to answer any other questions you may have. As I’ve repeatedly said, I’m here to help!

Like with any online resource that I use, I want to be able to make it applicable for activities directors and teachers to utilize in their classrooms. Like I mentioned above, I recently appeared as a featured guest on the CADA leadership podcast. Whether you listened to it or have yet to press the download button (by the way, it’s totally free for you), here are a few of the points that I touched on.

What is this site good for?

-Formspring allows you to answer questions that A LOT of your students have and post it to public forums such as Facebook, Twitter, or even WordPress. These can be questions regarding scheduled events, student activities, community service projects, etc.

  • On a side note, BE CREATIVE! As activities directors and teachers, you get questions on the most random topics known to mankind. The real task when utilizing new technology becomes figuring out how it can be used to best aid your student population.

-This online tool allows your group to enhance their presence on already popular sites is a POSITIVE MANNER.

  • Let’s face it…Teens are ALL OVER these websites. As a leadership group, you have the opportunity to provide a positive place for students to go while not tending to their crops on Farmville. Most importantly, linking your Formspring with a Facebook page makes it SUPER EASY for students to access valuable information. You are literally a click away!

- Anonymous Asking

  • Your students DO NOT need an account to ask you any questions. Also, the site allows for students to ask questions without providing ANY personal information (such as their name). As an administrator, YOU then have the power to choose which questions you find suitable for answering. Yay for ease of use!

I hope that these brief points give you a good overview of how this site can be used within your leadership group or organization. As always, I would love to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to go to MY Formspring ( or email me at

Oh, and students, don’t worry! I will back within days to post a blog JUST for you! In the meantime, you know the drill…Ask away!

*** ***

UPDATE– Since writing this post, I have stopped utilizing Formspring to answer questions for students. As a youth motivational speaker, my goal is to provide the safest outlets possible for my students. Unfortunately, formspring has stopped updating privacy features that would make the site safe for teens. My Facebook page is still available for this purpose, and even has a new messaging feature.

Big News!

So a few days ago I promised you big news via Twitter/Facebook.  I will dispense this jolly news now:

I will be appearing on my FIRST radio interview later this month!!  Yes, ‘A Closer Look Radio’ with Pam Atherton has asked me to come on January 28th to talk to her audience about today’s teens (that’s YOU!).

I’m EXTREMELY excited about this opportunity! Not only will I be able to shed light on some of the hot button issues that parents need to know about, but I will also be able to talk in general about the cool teens that I get to speak to!

Unfortunately, the show will air during school hours (booooo). Not to worry though, I will post a link to the interview immediately after it airs!

Finally, I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from teens who need an extra bit of help dealing with their ASB/Leadership groups in the new year.  Therefore, I’ve decided to change things up a little bit in the coming weeks. If YOU want a question answered for your leadership group or ASB, drop me a line at . I will take a few of the questions and personally answer them on either the blog OR even a specialized YouTube video. Sound bueno? I thought it might.

As we start this new year, I want to make it a point as a youth speaker to better serve YOU as students. You have one semester left of this school year. Let’s make it count!!!