Over the past week, over 5 MILLION people took a trip to youtube to watch the now viral “What’s goin on” video by Jonah Mowry.

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here:

In response to this video (and to the issue of bullying at large), I shot my own response and placed it on youtube as well. While this video is largely to Jonah and the bravery he showed, it is more importantly directed to someone else….

To you.

While my job as a youth motivational speaker might be to talk mainly from the stage, some things need to be done to address these issues. If nothing else, I hope this is a start.

What’s going on (Response by Scott Backovich) from Scott Backovich on Vimeo.

We all have friends like Jonah. At one time or another, we have felt just like Jonah.

My challenge to you in this short post? Simple—choose to love.

Big News!

So a few days ago I promised you big news via Twitter/Facebook.  I will dispense this jolly news now:

I will be appearing on my FIRST radio interview later this month!!  Yes, ‘A Closer Look Radio’ with Pam Atherton has asked me to come on January 28th to talk to her audience about today’s teens (that’s YOU!).

I’m EXTREMELY excited about this opportunity! Not only will I be able to shed light on some of the hot button issues that parents need to know about, but I will also be able to talk in general about the cool teens that I get to speak to!

Unfortunately, the show will air during school hours (booooo). Not to worry though, I will post a link to the interview immediately after it airs!

Finally, I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from teens who need an extra bit of help dealing with their ASB/Leadership groups in the new year.  Therefore, I’ve decided to change things up a little bit in the coming weeks. If YOU want a question answered for your leadership group or ASB, drop me a line at . I will take a few of the questions and personally answer them on either the blog OR even a specialized YouTube video. Sound bueno? I thought it might.

As we start this new year, I want to make it a point as a youth speaker to better serve YOU as students. You have one semester left of this school year. Let’s make it count!!!