Over the past week, over 5 MILLION people took a trip to youtube to watch the now viral “What’s goin on” video by Jonah Mowry.

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here:

In response to this video (and to the issue of bullying at large), I shot my own response and placed it on youtube as well. While this video is largely to Jonah and the bravery he showed, it is more importantly directed to someone else….

To you.

While my job as a youth motivational speaker might be to talk mainly from the stage, some things need to be done to address these issues. If nothing else, I hope this is a start.

What’s going on (Response by Scott Backovich) from Scott Backovich on Vimeo.

We all have friends like Jonah. At one time or another, we have felt just like Jonah.

My challenge to you in this short post? Simple—choose to love.