Time for Trust

I absolutely love “back-to-school” season. From freshmen touring campus for the first time to senior sunrises on football fields across the country, there’s just something special about a new school year. Simply put, the possibilities are endless.

While we are only midway through August, I’ve been on the road during the last four weeks training new student leadership groups for the new year. While we’ve had fun engaging in activities and looking at school culture, one goal has remained constant: we need to gain more trust with our students.

Let’s think about it–

What if I told you that your students cared less about the actions of your activities, and cared more about your intentions behind the activity?

What if the amount of trust you gained in your students was more powerful and persuasive than any sign, banner, or marketing campaign your students could create?

Most importantly, what if it were possible to generate trust from your entire campus in a matter of 10 minutes?

Would you believe me?

For those of you who are in the midst of a back-to-school season, try this:

Ask your student leaders to give once per day to others on their campus. It could be something as simple as a high-five or something as extravagant as a full “marking” campaign. The results on your campus will quickly surprise you.

The sooner we gain trust, the sooner we can create a school culture we’re proud of.

AWESOME RESOURCE!– Speaking of giving, my friends over at USB Memory Direct hooked me up with some AMAZING USB drives to store my content on. They are personalized with my branding and designed to my exact specs. A bunch of my ENGAGE schools will be receiving them this fall. If you would like to give these out to your leaders and start your year on a high-note, I know that they would be happy to help! Please check them out here .

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