Snapple Hates Me

Welcome to week 3! Like the last two, watching the video below is critical for us to make educational magic happen:

While some of my bottle top nuggets are definitely personal opinion (here’s lookin’ at you, Miss Swift), the simple point remains—they are funny because they’re true.

Keeping with the same rhythm, though, here are some additional facts that are completely true:

- 20% of high school students will stay home from campus at least once per year  because of how they are treated by others.
- 10% of guys will die before the age of 50 because of decisions they make before turning 20.
- 90% of high school girls will be told by the time they graduate that either physically, emotionally, or intellectually, they aren’t good enough.
- Only 1/3 of high school students will make it to college.
- Of that 1/3, over 60% will drop out.

The point of this entry is simple:

Whether we’re talking about something funny or talking about something serious, the ONLY way you’re going to turn fact into fiction is when you decide that you have had enough.

The only way your friends stay in school is if you have a deliberate effort to keep them there.

The only way that people stop disrespecting others is if you go to those people and teach them to love others.

Finally, the only way that we create campuses where people actually respect one another is if everyone makes a personal commitment to do so.

What statistics can you identify that hold completely true for the students on your campus? More importantly, how can we work to combat them?

By working to combat negative statistics and increase positive ones, we can ensure that everyone is having a high school experience they can truly be proud of.

Keep trying to be better. I know I will =)

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