Stop Pulling my Peach

We are finally underway! If you haven’t already, please check out the YouTube precursor to this blog.  This video will serve as the basis for this entry, as will the vast majority of others that follow on this page:

Can you think of any phrases that confuse you or drive you a little crazy? As I travel around the country and speak at schools, I hear hundreds of different variations of these sayings. While some are fairly funny (as seen in the video), others aren’t quite as entertaining.

Along with the sayings in the clip, here are some other phrases I hear constantly around schools–

“That’s gay.”
“Nobody cares.”
“Shut your mouth.”
“Sack up.”
“What a bitch.”

If you work with students (or even are one at a school around the US), you know these are as common as “how are you” and “how was your weekend?” Is it wrong? Of course. Does it stop people? Rarely.

Here’s my point: whether we’re talking about something funny or whether we’re talking about something serious, the problem with these phrases is the same—we say them without understanding their meaning or effects.

What if we started using purpose as our motivation for speech instead of ease? What if laughter came from true creativity instead of a low-grade insults that make everyone look bad?

In order to stop these negative patterns from starting, we must gain the courage to respond with something other than hate. Sure, asking someone “Why?” after they say something like “You’re gay” might seem embarrassing, but it could end up being a learning experience for everyone involved.

Let’s start thinking before we speak. Better yet, let’s start speaking with some care.

Until next time =)

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