A little over a month ago, we all watched in horror as the country of Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake. Like many other people around the world, I remained constantly glued to my television to view the events as they unfolded in the days and weeks following the quake. Each heroic rescue and survival story brought hope and a smile to my face, while tales of lost family members and killed civilians brought those of sadness and despair. As I looked on, I found myself asking the same question that millions of others held in their hearts- “what can I do to help?”

Sure, donating ten dollars through text helps. Yes, donating unused clothes is a good start… but the question remained– what can I do now?

I watched on as the initial wave of support died down. Benefit concerts came and passed; star-studded telethons raised countless dollars and gained massive support around the US, but the question still lingered–what can I do now?

Mother Nature wasted no time in allowing me to answer that question. A turn to CNN this morning proved that devastation had struck again. For those of you who have been out of the loop for the past day, another massive earthquake struck today in Chile. This time, the quake was nearly 500 times the strength of that in Haiti (and no, that’s not a typo).

In beginning to look around the web for stories covering the event, one thing became clear: things were MUCH different this time around. Instead of cries for help and aid, news stories focused on the possible impact at home. Would there be a tsunami? Not likely. Would WE suffer? Probably not. Finally, was it as bad at Haiti? No.

Teens, I’m officially calling you out and asking for action. I’m not asking for a small, one-time donation. I’m not asking that you simply look on and feel bad for the people of Chile and Haiti. I’m asking you plain and simply to be RELENTLESS.

I believe that there come times when each generation will be judged on their contribution towards humanity. As I continue to travel around the country and speak, I see a desire inside of today’s generation to help others. I see a passion that refuses to die down. I see a hunger for a better world.

Today is the day to help others. Now is the time to literally work to create a better world. NOW is the time to be relentless in your efforts. Start rallying clubs and organizations in your school to bear arms together. Begin forming alliances with students to produce a greater good. Finally, see what YOU can do as a leader to help the situations in Haiti and Chile.

I hope to be a resource for you as you begin your efforts to help others. After writing this, I will begin my own process of deciding just how I can make an impact. As always, I will keep you updated along the way =]